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How To Invert Images Color Online?

Inverting an image means converting the colors of an image into their opposites. But how can one know what is the opposite of color? To understand this, take a look at the image below:


Free Colour Wheel Chromatic illustration and picture


This is a color wheel or a hue wheel. The color situated in front of any color is deemed as its opposite. For example, the opposite of blue is orange, and the opposite of green is purple. And obviously, the opposite of white is black.


In this post, we are going to explain how you can invert the colors of an image using an online tool. But before we do that, let us take a look at use cases of image inversion.


Applications of Inverting Images


Here is a list of situations where image inversion can be of use.


Forensic Reports


Forensic reports use high-end technology to capture evidence, such as footprints or fingerprints. Often, the forensic images are converted to their inverted version to find out a few deeper details.


For example, if a print is not visible in the original colors of the image, it is inverted so that those prints become clearly visible. This can also be used for medical reports to examine a tumor, blood clot, etc.


Improving Document Readability


Image inversion can also be used to enhance the understandability of a low-resolution document. There are instances where inverted images highlight the characters inside a document more clearly.


This is because the white text on a black background is usually easier to understand as compared to the traditional white background black text documents.


Image Editing


Just like we mentioned before, image inversion signifies a few minor details of an image to become more distinct. This characteristic of image inversion is made use of in the editing industry.


When someone has to edit or remove petty details from an image, they can invert it first so that they have a clear view of it. In this way, they can edit an image in the most precise and accurate manner.


How to Invert the Color of an Image Online?


When we explain the applications of image inversion, it seems as if it is a cutting-edge technology that is not commonly available. Fortunately, the reality is the opposite of this. Image inverting tools are very easily accessible, and a majority of them can be used for free.


To explain the process of image inversion, we have selected a free-to-use online tool. This photo inverter tool can be used without any sort of setup. Let us get started with how this tool can invert images.




  1. Choose an image that you want to invert.
  2. Go to the tool page.
  3. Click on the input section that says: Drag and Drop, Upload, or Paste Image



This will open your file explorer. From here, you have to select your image and click on “Open.” This will upload the image to the tool.



Now click on the Convert button.



After this, the tool will create an inverted version of the inserted image.



This image can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button. If you want to invert another image after this, simply click on the Restart button. It will take you back to the tool page, and you will have to repeat the same process.




The applications or use cases of image inversion are pretty vast. This is why you might come across a situation where you need to invert an image. In such a situation, you can use an online tool like the one discussed in this article. These tools are usually very fast and convert images almost instantly. Moreover, you can invert the colors of more than one image with the help of such tools.

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