Benefits of Ecommerce Web Scraping for Non-Technical Store owners

How Can Your Business Leverage E-Commerce Web Scraping?

“Web Scraping” is a process to navigate different websites to abstract and collect information from web pages. This unstructured information is transformed using automated software into structured information which is then transferred to portable file formats just like spreadsheets or other databases. In many recent times, the technique has been subjected to a lot of practice by many industries including E-Commerce.


If you are some eCommerce business investor or just starting with setting up your e-store, these interesting facts about leveraging web scraping for your business will help you grow your business successfully. Before wasting any more precious seconds let us get started with these critical 7 ways to beat eCommerce competition and improve your retail business.


7 Ways To Leverage E-Commerce Web Scraping

Competitor Price Monitoring


Research reveals that almost 94% of online shoppers before buying any product compare brand prices with each other. This gives them a greater perspective and understanding of which products their interest. Although with a large number of eCommerce and retail brands it is very difficult to make the product appear unique to the customer. However, thorough market research and product analysis help you adjust your price offerings correctly. This factor boosts sales conversion rate to a greater extent hence price monitoring has become a popular reason why eCommerce businesses should leverage web scraping.


Enrich Product Listings


Unlike brick and mortar stores you can make your products visible to the clients before they purchase them, many online shoppers rely on visual details and product descriptions that appear side by side to the product display on your store’s official website. The enticing product images and efficient product descriptions say it all to the prospect customer and help them to make up their minds to buy the product or not. Usually plain and ill-formed content loses the game for your product. Anyhow, to speed up their product sales process, eCommerce websites rely heavily on web scraping to acquire unique, accurate, and creative content including product images, product colors, product size variations, product descriptions, product customer reviews, and other specifications that can further enrich your product listing pages.


Improve Marketing Strategies


Undoubtedly, the digital market is an exhaustive repository of demand and supply data. Businesses compare historical and current data to formulate effective market strategies by identifying market trends. You can relate market research findings with your company’s dynamic preferences and target your selected audience directly. Marketing managers utilize web data to make timely business decisions to grab customer attention and increase product lead conversion. Unique and accurate data help improve product design, select prominent platforms to advertise products, and enhance customer-product interaction. The well-formatted and structured data can be directly uploaded to the automation tool like ‘Eloqua’ and ‘Marketo’ to simplify the marketing processes furthermore.


Web Scraping Benefits For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Monitor Product Performance


In-depth and effective analysis helps to improve not only your product but your business performance as a whole. Research and monitoring is an important area that benefits quite a lot through web scraping techniques. Using web scraping tools and techniques you can easily extract retail data, product listings, and a great number of customer reviews that will support your product stand online market competition. By comparing your business product information with other similar-looking products offered by other brands you can work on your product improvement in a better manner. The valuable insights gathered through product performance monitoring will elevate your customer confidence in your company product.


Increase Visibility Through SEO Analysis


44% of all online shoppers typically begin their purchasing venture by typing product keywords in the search engine. It is important to consider that two-thirds of the total clicks on search engines look up to the first 5 search results. The most commonly used search engine is Google. Thus, it is vital to improve your brand performance by devising suitable strategies to boost your brand’s organic SEO ranking. You can track your competitor’s position on SERP to the keywords they employ to rank higher on the search engine. Therefore, web scraping is a valuable technique to organize and collect information from multiple data resources. The gathered data can be used to locate more clicked keywords to heighten your brand chances to rank in the topmost categories.


Monitor Competitors


Market competition with the advancement in technology is on a constant rise. The competition to stay at the top is becoming difficult with each passing year. To keep your head in the online eCommerce game you need to play smartly. Besides proposing market-competitive product pricing it is also important to analyze product categories, product manufacturing line, and customer ratings accurately. Using these audits you can locate specific product styles, features, and related new content ideas. You might also like to find marketing information like product packages, flash sales, and customer service to attract more buyers. The well-researched information can help you form a better understanding of inventory management, marketing spending, trending products, and much more to make your job a bit easier. By putting this data to SpyFu, you can identify which keyword drives more traffic and the number of clicks to make intelligent business decisions at the end of the day.


Consumer Sentiment Analysis


Every retailer is interested in knowing how customers perceive their brand products and services. To get a good picture of customer views you can perform customer sentiment analysis. For this purpose web scraping techniques assist in drawing customer reviews from different platforms. You can use customer views to understand the product flaws and shortcomings. This process will motivate you to fine-tune product descriptions, designs, and advertisements to match customer preferences.


Reviews can be scraped from social media platforms and review sites to perform thorough sentiment analysis. It is important to focus on the negative comments given by customers a lot more. The scraped customer reviews can be fed to machine learning tools to identify emotions directly from the text. It is an excellent way to understand customer buying behavior and an opportunity to restore customer confidence in your brand.


Conclusion –


Web Scraping requires if not deep but more or less technical know-how to tackle prevalent challenges for instance when dealing with an anti web scraping protection program set by many websites to prevent data scrapers from copying their data. You can partner with a web scraping professional or a service-providing company to bypass the hassle and get your hands on some quality data for your business growth.


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