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    Data Research, Data processing & Image Editing (Case Study)

    How ITS served one of the leading marketplaces for healthcare equipment.

    Client Needs

    One of the leading online marketplaces for healthcare equipment, used by hundreds of hospitals and equipment suppliers in the healthcare market, needed to have a team of online researchers/data processors, quotation evaluators, and graphic artists to manage various aspects of their business. The client required researching medical equipment datasheets online, identifying the relevant data elements and updating that information in their database. Images of the equipment were to be searched, edited, brought in line with the client’s specifications, and attached to the record.

    Medical equipment quotations were to be evaluated, key data elements identified and entered in the client’s system. All data elements needed to be accurate and images to be as per the specifications. A high number of records were to be processed daily.


    Quite often the equipment datasheets were not easily available. Extensive online searches were required to finally get to them.

    Some equipment images were either not available or not easily searchable.

    Many equipment images were of poor quality with busy backgrounds. A considerable amount of image enhancement and editing work was required to bring them to an acceptable level.

    Some equipment quotations had handwritten markings which were hard to read. At times, key data elements were missing.

    The volume could go up quite considerably without a significant notice.

    All production was to be carried out online in the client’s system. That hindered our ability to manage workflow and quality.


    We put together a team that had members with expertise in each segment of the project. Resources allocated were a combination of graphic artists, people with researching skills and data processors with analytical skills.

    In order to control quality, a layer of quality assurance was included to ensure each and every data element had been double-checked for accuracy and compliance with the quality matrix.

    To manage the fluctuating volume of work, a dedicated team was assigned to handle the base volume. Additional resources were trained to be utilized to handle the spillover volume exceeding the base capacity.

    One of the key elements of the project were the product images. Since the number of images were high and the image quality generally poor, ITS utilized its 3D modeling department, particularly the texture artists, to work on the images.

    To establish a clear line of communication with the client for the various activities, SOPs were established to ensure each party had singular point of contact to address the day to day issues. This was particularly useful in getting clarifications during the processing of equipment quotations and product images

    For the entire duration of the project, ITS fulfilled all of its responsibilities and met its obligations under the service level agreement without any incident. The client appreciated the support ITS provided and were extremely satisfied with the cost, quality and the delivery of services.


    ITS is far more than an off the shelf or “repetitive services” provider. Instead, based on our years of experience and wide array of client experiences, we provide solutions and improvements to our clients’ existing processes. This ensures better cost-effectiveness, higher accuracy and an overall great experience in outsourcing. Our management can discuss, consult and advise on solutions for your needs and even undertake a Proof-of-Concept trial to give you absolute peace of mind.
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