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Automated Data Entry Vs Manual Data Entry

Data is the backbone of any business. Keeping updated about your business competition and your product performance is important. The key to formulating an excellent and workable business campaign is through efficient data. To align, format, organize and store data is the ultimate path that leads towards success. From receipts to invoices, inventories to personal data everything needs to be organized and stored to be linked to business statistics. Having said this, the data must be kept error-free during all the processing and formatting procedures. Any mistake can hamper your business performance or function and may cause some serious complications that can be hard to overcome. Though every business requires special resources like capital, invoices, time, effort, and receipt data still it is a cumbersome process to handle on your own. To make your data entry process structured and well-organized you must personalize the bookkeeping workflow. Two main popular types of data entry namely manual data entry about the more traditional form of data entry and on the other side we have automated data entry that has evolved through innovations in Information Transformation (IT).


Manual Data Entry


Manual data entry involves the process of gathering and consolidating information from various sources. More often the sources constitute physical papers that are needed to be entered into the system by human hand. To keep data relevant, error-free, and ready-to-use demands an eye for detail to make better business decisions daily. However, handling such an enormous amount of data is not as easy as it sounds. In traditional data entry mechanisms, the process is carried out under pressure to meet deadlines. This results in increased chances of inaccurate data entries. The traditional practice is followed by numerous firms that depend on the following requirements:




It does not matter either your system is imported or not. If it suits your business data requirements at its best then it’s good to go for companies that neither have to process larger volumes of data every day nor do they need high-speed data entry solutions.

In most cases, the data is entered from paper-based documents. It might get a bit challenging for computers to comprehend paper-based documents, manual data entry wins the show by providing efficient and effective handwritten data entry, medical records, ancient manuscripts, and doctor prescriptions entries to companies.

When file data is managed manually, you get to enjoy complete control of every number placed within the document. By using digital means it becomes hard to track sales in an automated manner.

In an era where jobs are very hard to find, manual data entry provides labor opportunities to qualified candidates to earn their livelihood.




There exist some downsides of manual data entry as well:


No matter how expert a manual data operator is, he is human as well. Human nature is bound to make mistakes. Personal manual data entry errors arise due to several factors such as boredom, carelessness, misunderstanding, and so on. This ultimately has adverse effects on your business reputation.


Entering manual data consumes a whole lot of your time and energy. This can occupy a major chunk of your employee time. Hence, if you have a lesser number of employees than your data processing demands, your company will lag in the market.


It requires an extra amount of effort to first hire and then to train an in-house workforce to complete the assigned data-intensive tasks.


Automated Data Entry


The objectives of automated data entry are the same as that of manual data entry like data collection, capture, and storage. However, the difference lies in the process that is done to achieve high-quality data output. ADE is done via digital aids like scanners and OCR software tools. It is regarded as the perfect solution for companies that deal in large volumes of receipts and invoices daily. However, even with data automation, keeping data 100% accurate is still a challenge for many businesses out there. It costs money to reduce data entry mistakes but it cost two times more the budget and time to fix inaccurate data entries and add revised data in its place.




Automated data entry is a faster data entry process that can process your store files much faster and error-free.


The automated data entry service provides access to cloud storage and data file retrieval facilities.


When everything is automated you can cut long hours of work and complete it within seconds that can be used in handling core business functions or to train in-house employees for higher returns.


Compared to manual data entry, automated data entry decreases up to many times the chances of error occurrence within data files.


Adopting robust techniques and tools can enhance your data entry standards and ensure that your business data conforms to all preset standards such as geocoding, data profiling, matching, linking, data monitoring, etc to increase data quality at every instance of the data entry process.


It allows easy documentation, storage, retrieval of a data file within an efficient manner. The few the error are the more profitable the data is going to be for your business endeavors.




Machines generate a greater data productivity rate but they are often designed for specific tasks and not for the complete procedure.


They are based upon certain instructions to generate a one-type output. In cases, if the input deviates from the intended form then the machine stops its function.


Automation requires a large amount of capital investment or contract fees that might vary for smaller businesses.


Choosing The Right Data Entry Method And Partner


As discussed earlier, both methods have their pros and cons. Automated data entry falls in sync with improved technological advancements whereas, manual data entry is still a reliable option for smaller businesses that deal in small data volume processing daily. However, everything comes down to two aspects, number one how much you are willing to spend and number two what are your business requirements. Taking into consideration all concerns you must choose a company that offers both manual as well as automated data entry solutions. Some providers like to deal with data manually due to budget constraints while others have automated data entry systems with befitting expertise and machinery.


How ITS Can Help You With Data Entry Service?


Information Transformation Service (ITS) provides convenient Data Entry Solutions regardless of any additional investment of staff, resources, or infrastructure. By outsourcing your Data Entry Projects to us your company will be blessed with high-quality and diverse data entry-related options. Such quality service enables your data to be entered in various desirable formats with repetitive, inaccurate, incomplete, grammatically nonsensical words replaced to form better semantic clarity and understanding. Irrespective of the size and complexity ITS Team defines customized packages to directly answer specifically your business big data projects. If you are interested in getting ITS Data Entry Services you can ask for a free quote!

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