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12 Best Data Entry Services Providers in 2021


Data handling at a large scale is a time-consuming procedure that requires money as well as administrative knowledge. Unlike old times, there now exist a long list of data entry service providers to carry out data-intensive tasks with clever ease. Whether your business has abundant manual data entry projects or digitalization of records is the challenge, a professional data entry service handles offshore, offline, document, online, and image data entry projects at an affordable price. In case you have a large variety of outsourcing and outstaffing data entry projects many companies operate globally across the UK, US, India, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia for effective back-end support.


In this blog, you get a chance to be well aware of various exciting data entry service providers on one platform. These include –




Data+ | Duke Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke


DataPlus provides cost-efficient and accurate data entry solutions for any kind of document formatting such as handwritten, types, scanned or image included, etc. Besides providing state-of-the-art data entry services they also offer database programming, document scanning, data reporting, data handling, and many others.


Invensis Technologies


Invensis Technologies Job Openings For 2021 | Any Graduate | Python  Developer | Bangalore | Apply Online ASAP | ListenToJobs


Invensis technologies are the pioneers of data entry management outsourcing whose networks expand across the world in countries like Singapore, Ireland, India, Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA. Such an affordable offshore data entry service provider guarantees about a 99.99% accuracy rate. With the professional data entry team, you can achieve outstanding results in an estimated time.


ARDEM Incorporated


ARDEM Incorporated Reviews | View Portfolios | DesignRush


ARDEM Incorporated offers an array of data entry service solutions from paper forms to scanned images there is nothing they can’t handle. ARDEM Incorporated works across all 50 states of the US to provide efficient and complete database conversions according to your business schedule. You can outsource a huge portion of the inconsistent or unstructured data for data processing. An expert can directly key data from customer sign-up forms, surveys, product sales, registrations, health claim forms, and so on.


Coleman Data


Coleman Data provides complete document management service solutions and data entry services in one place. The ISO-approved data entry service provider has been long established since 1988. Coleman Data delivers data entry facilities to industries like healthcare, marketing, education, retailers, publishing, banking, manufacturing, and the list goes on. Coleman Data stresses business data security and regulates data safety measures while working with data including PCI and HIPAA.


Team Data Entry


The team is capable to address huge data complexities within a short period leaving no room for manual data entry errors to safeguard your business projects like no other. You can outsource your company data projects of all sizes irrespective of them being too big or too small. You can provide all kinds of input sources of data like scanned images, emails, web forms, documents, fax, etc. Another distinctive feature is that you can choose your data output from several service options including online & online data entry, data typing data product input to web systems, PDF Drive, Image entry, document indexing, and much more.


Falcon Data Entry


Falcon Solution & Services, INDIA | LinkedIn

Falcon Data Entry is an affordable data entry service provider based originally in India. Experts can handle high volumes of data input by converting data into digital format. They combine single data entry systems and a double data entry approach into fast, accurate, and affordable online & offline data input services. Collection and entrance of business data from sources like scanned images, PDFs, and paper documents, etc can be done efficiently with the help of Falcon data entry operators.


8. Acelerar Technologies

Acelerar Technologies Pvt Ltd - Overview, Competitors, and Employees |  Apollo.io

Acelerar is another leading data entry service provider that caters to clients from across the globe with exceptional data entry skills. Experts with years of relevant data entry experience carry out manual and digital data entry projects with bare minimum error in the input process. The data entry team utilizes the latest data entry apps and technical software tools to perform high-quality data entry services such as eBook data entry, file conversion, mailing list compilation, word formatting, data cleansing, Microsoft excel, etc.




OBP is an Australia-based data entry service provider whose experts are laced with expertise in the latest technology. Affordable and cost-effective catalog data entry services like product categorization, categorization, online product, information research for unique catalog development. The catalog data entry team ensures that maps, images, text, symbols are well embedded for accurate results. Even if you belong to a special business area, OBP locates related resources to address your data entry projects complying with international level standards.


Data Entry 101


Data Entry 101 is yet another one-stop data entry service provider that has partnered with various industries including real estate, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and more from across the world. Their wide range of data management services is enough to take care of your entire company data needs from website data scraping to double key data entry. If you are short on time and need fast results you can rely on Data Entry 101 for astonishing data outcomes.


Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP


Hitech iSolutions | KIST Odisha


Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP provides robust data capture and management service solutions to businesses of all budgets. The goal is to attain the highest degree of data accuracy at economic rates. they have partnered with insurance, banking, healthcare, media, travel, marketing, logistics, transportation, energy, manufacturing, and other industries.


Lake Data Center


Lake Data Center is among the USA’s top data entry service providers. The famous data-based company outsources data verification and data entry services to clients belonging to different geographical regions. Over 70 trained professionals possess data entry experience spanning over 23 years. The company promises 99.5% data accurate results within the shortest interval of time and eliminates the need to hire more costly computer equipment for your business data processing. In addition, the company has a strong base of satisfied customers. In case of big data needs, you can rest assured because Lake Data Center accepts data projects of all sizes and magnitudes.


How ITS Can Help You With Data Entry Service?


Information Transformation Service (ITS) provides convenient Data Entry Solutions regardless of any additional investment of staff, resources, or infrastructure. By outsourcing your Data Entry Projects to us your company will be blessed with high-quality and diverse data entry-related options. Such quality service enables your data to be entered in various desirable formats with repetitive, inaccurate, incomplete, grammatically nonsensical words replaced to form better semantic clarity and understanding. Irrespective of the size and complexity ITS Team defines customized packages to directly answer specifically your business big data projects. If you are interested in getting ITS Data Entry Services you can ask for a free quote!

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