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10 Best Data Extraction Tools in 2021

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Data is a valuable tool to make rightful key business decisions at the right time. However, data extraction at a large scale proves cumbersome and inefficient with less manpower. These challenges hinder the ability to draw accurate inferences from collected datasets. Leveraging data extraction tools is a reliable option to analyze data and avail attached business benefits. There are hundreds and thousands of data extraction tools available online for free and by service providers at a manageable cost. Every data extraction tool performs a diverse role linked to data collection and drawing appreciable market insights such as contact information, market research trends, price shifts in multiple markets, and much more. Following is a list of popular data extraction tools that can be used to cater to your business interests in the best way possible


10 Most Popular Data Extraction Tools


Since the Internet came into existence the marvel is continuously expanding at an extraordinary speed. To extract data from a pool of information data experts are always looking for improved methods and techniques to scrape data from the web.


Data extraction experts understand the significance of data extraction in businesses prosperity. Hence, every business must make sure all data requirements are fulfilled by the data extraction tool. To make things easier for you, we have listed the top 10 data extraction tools for beginners and professionals to read out and opt for business data concerns –




How to use OutWit Hub to scrape data for free - Interhacktives


OutWitHub is the most popular data extraction tool that is available for general public use online. It operates by segregating web pages into various elements and then navigates content from page to page. This helps ease the extraction procedure and maintain data quality up to the mark. The web scraping tool is an extension of Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which further makes it accessible to extract links, email ids, images, data tables, etc.


Web Scraper


Web Scraper - Home | Facebook


This is an easy-to-use data extraction tool to maintain business data availability. The tool carries a unique ability to extract information from web pages. It is commonly used to gather information by performing document extraction, email id extraction, web data scraping, image extraction, contact detail extraction, etc.




Working at Spinn3r | Glassdoor


This web-based service is popularly used to index various blogs across the Internet. It provides easy access to blogs that are published by organizations in real-time. The information is gathered from forums, social media, web blogs, comments, reviews, and mainstream news blogs monitoring, etc.




FMiner - visual web scraping, web data extractor with macro recorder


This is yet another exciting data extraction tool used by numerous companies as an effective web data extractor and a macro recorder. The tool proves beneficial to extract disparate information, phone numbers, images, and document information directly from the web.




ParseHub Company Profile: Valuation & Investors | PitchBook


ParseHub is a well-known data extraction tool available in the market that can be used both by a beginner and a professional to extract web information. The tool performs incredibly to scrape information from documents, contact info, images, phone numbers, and pricing details, etc.




8 Best Web Scraping Tools - Learn | Hevo


Octaparse is a renowned web scraping tool that can grab all the open data from multiple websites. It provides a variety of useful data-related functions to save you from manually copy-pasting information and coding. This tool can be used to extract detailed information from disparate databases, IP addresses, email addresses, web data, and phone numbers, etc.


Table Capture


10 Best Data Extraction Tools for 2021


This tool is excellent for data navigation from various web pages of websites without any complexity. It is an extension of Chrome Browser. In addition, the tool is spectacular to scrape information from the HTML table of any website and copy it to the clipboard directly. The extracted information can be converted into portable formats like Google Spreadsheets, Excel or CSV, etc.




GitHub - scrapy/scrapy: Scrapy, a fast high-level web crawling & scraping  framework for Python.


Scrapy is an open-source code development tool to perform smooth data extraction tasks with Python. The tool allows programmers and developers to program code-based crawlers to trace information from web pages of multiple websites at once.




Download Tabula Logo in SVG Vector or PNG File Format -


Tabula is a desktop data extraction application for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX. It assists individuals and companies to convert PDF files into CSV and Excel files which are easily editable. Tabula is an extensively used extraction tool in data journalism.


File:Dexi logo.png - Wikimedia Commons


The web scraping tool can be used without being installed on your computer as it is a browser-supported tool. allows web crawlers to collect data in real-time. It provides you with the option to save guard your information within Google Drive or to simply export it to JSON and CSV. Its unique feature is that it allows data to be collected anonymously via Proxy Servers.


Advantages of Using Data Extraction Tools


The internet is a hub of information ready to be explored on every subject matter. Every business type needs to look up essential and relevant data from rich sources and ensure fast success. A Few key benefits of using data extraction tools include –


Improves Accuracy: Data extraction tools can easily automate all your manual data collection tasks and help improve data quality.


Saves Time: These tools have the capabilities to extract huge datasets within the shortest interval of time. Therefore, it is important to identify correct information at the right time as per business data needs. This will save your time to focus on core business functions.


Increases Productivity: Selection of the appropriate tool is the first step in sorting your database projects. By using these tools you get added business values and increased productivity rate.


Improves Visibility: These tools offer greater flexibility with excellent record-keeping applications to manage and store data in a standard format.


Saves Costs: By automating your cumbersome data scraping tasks your company can earn great revenue by not hiring extra staff members to carry out data extraction processes.




Data extraction services can be a good source of cooked data that can be readily fed to your clients and partners. Outsource your data extraction concerns to a celebrated service provider and feel the difference since day one in your business operations.


How ITS Can Help You With Data Abstraction Service?


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