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What is the Job Posting Service?

Job boards serve as the platform or the hub for posting, promoting, and filling new jobs. Traditionally, job postings trends were different, and they used to be posted in the classifieds section of newspapers. Now it is a digital era, so most of the job ads are typically published online. 

What is Job posting?

Job posting services are used to migrate jobs from one job website to another website, and the job posting can be:

  • Internal job posting
  • External job posting

How ITS can help you with job posting services?

Information Transformation Services have long been providing job posting services. ITS job posting software ensures that jobs are of the highest quality standard before they make their way to your job board maintain the credibility of your company. Furthermore, ITS services ensure that the job migration from one website to another keeps the desired format intact.

Why ITS?

If you are thinking of outsourcing the job posting work, then we ensure that ITS can be the best service provider. Through all our years-long experience, we have earned the faith of our customers. Through the expertise and motivation to provide the best, we have added so much to our expertise. There are many aspects on which we can convince our customers that ITS is providing stand-out services:

The flexibility of work:

ITS provide exceptional customization and has handled massive job postings works previously, thus making it the right choice for the job boards. The clients can select their own:

  • delivery time
  • delivery schedules
  • run times
  • data models

furthermore, we ensure that we keep the data integrity maximum, but the user interface and searching options are kept handy for the smooth experience of the jobseekers at your website.

Timely services:

We stick to our deadlines, ITS portfolio has many large and small scale projects that were delivered on time irrespective of the complexity. So set a time, outsource your work, and we will migrate job posts from the career page to the job board, right on the set time.

Credible user interface:

The only thing to become the top-notch brand on the job boards is how your customer’s experience with your website. The smoother the experience, easy search, filters for relevant job seeking, the more the people will refer to your site in the future. So ITS ensures that your user interface is helpful and easy to use for all sorts of customers.

We are providing an economical solution:

Through our years of expertise, our team has all the right tools and skills to help you with job posting services. So ITS cuts down the need for the large teams at your workplace. ITS has both the infrastructure and workforce to scale-up and wrap a large number of companies per month, and the services are independent of the volume of jobs. Our automated job posting and live quality audit process ensure high quality and accuracy of employment.

ITS is providing technology compliant solutions:

At ITS we specifically focus that all the recruitment postings are in coherence with the modern standards. We aim to post the jobs in a way that your user can find it conveniently using the right filter. Thus we ensure that your clients have the best user experience on your website. The job seekers will be able to conveniently find the local, regional jobs suiting to their credentials and will apply directly.

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