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What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become a hot topic in the business sector lately, yet the technology has been around for many years how come it is grabbing people’s attention now? This is due to the immense digital conversion that we have experienced in recent years it is no exaggeration to admit the fact that without APIs our digital experience would not have been possible or least exciting. Currently, you keep on reading this blog without being consciously aware of the fact that you are benefiting from APIs at this very moment. As you are reading this blog in a browser, the browser is getting the content through API which allows you to view the article in the browser.


Furthermore, many online services come up with their APIs and which makes us wonder what exactly is API and how it works? To help you understand the concept of the system one needs to thoroughly explain the processing of an API. So let us begin right in this instance –


What is an Application Programming Interface?


When viewed from a technical perspective an API is a set of messages for accessing an Internet service or an app. Many APIs are specially designed by companies or service providers to guide customers regarding a particular service/product. An API is an extensively used medium of instruction to describe a service functionality like how it can be used for a specific objective and what format is required as input. Let us dive into the technicalities of an API. Just imagine the computer program as a language. It is like a digital dictionary for software where items are defined with appropriate examples. People who do not use a digital dictionary while writing up sentences or phrases, try to compose a conversation by choosing words from a mental lexicon. An API functions on the same principle. It helps a developer to add features to their app without needing to write any code.


What does it mean to be API- Driven?


An Application Programming Interface allows various applications to work together and form a digital community. Without APIs, one can not benefit from a good digital experience. The program works silently in the background to enable people can get access to the right content that they are looking for. Companies get a huge amount of benefits by integrating APIs into their system to connect to prospective customers. You can efficiently improve your business algorithm, data, and system by leveraging API technology to create a better business model.


There are numerous reasons why companies should consider investing in API technology. The program ensures the below-mentioned advantages –


Faster time to market

Enable new technologies

Stimulate business and technical innovation

Reduction in the development effort

Superior digital experiences

Increase revenue

Extend customer reach and value

Allows applications to communicate with backend systems


All these points are required by every business to make a mark in the digital market. APIs are becoming a major component that companies are incorporating into their business models to achieve digital success overnight.


How Do APIs Work?


The central concept behind the Application Programming Interface (APIs) is that it enables developers to develop better software with exciting new features. Suppose if you are a developer you do not need to spend countless hours creating features for your company app you can just make use of API to get things done 2X faster.


APIs secure and enriches your system by connecting it to your company app. It is very much responsible for a lot of digital connections between users’ mobile and your business product in the digital world. APIs are very much responsible for enabling modern users to connect to your company’s services and products. It benefits customers as much as business developers by allowing them to order food, buy clothes, rate services and even download software.


Example of an API


As mentioned earlier API works in the background keeping your system intact. Usually, people don’t notice API but all the interactivity we enjoy daily is a gift of API. To expose the functioning of an API let us explain the process by going a bit in-depth and looking at some real-life examples of APIs in action. Let us say that you need a room when you are traveling to another country you can easily book one over a website. The company website form will let you choose which country or city you wish to stay in and provide you with up-to-date check-in and check-out dates. You can easily check the number of rooms available and much more. Every website that you will come across will aggregate data from multiple hotels. So whenever a user clicks on the search button the website connects with different hotel APIs. This helps you to get access to the right information that you are looking for in one place. Nonetheless, the results appear in a few seconds.


API Development


It is important to note that there is no one rule to distinguish good APIs from bad APIs however there are certain ways and tools to ensure you get a good one as you require for your business model. For example, by using StopLight you can speed up your API design process many times faster than usual, just like this, numerous other features help you identify a good API.


API Documentation


Practically like every other project, API also needs a well-formed document development rule. It requires relevant guidelines to perform seamless data integration with various other apps.


API Testing


To confirm that your API is a good and stable one you need to test it a few times to check whether it performs according to your expectations or not. Let us admit the fact that no developer wants to connect their business app with something that is not stable. This is why testing API is the most crucial step which you can not miss out on at any cost.


API Encapsulation


You need to take notice that a good API is unseen by your end-user of the program it is linked with. Therefore, you must consider that your customer must only have a wonderful shopping experience by visiting your online shop. The user experience should be wonderful without him needing to understand the scene going on backstage.


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