All You Need To Know About Clipping Path Service

All You Need To Know About Clipping Path Service

For a retail company executive, it is considered important to discover new avenues to increase sales. Every day millions of retail companies save and share product images around the world, but very few stand out impressing their customers on a daily basis. Since today, it has become quite economical to edit and share images via phones and laptops using installed photo editing software. But still, for an E-Commerce Retail Company, it is considered primary responsibility to know all techniques and technology that can enhance their product value among their prospective customers.

Many Retailers keep struggling with finding the right image that actually catches the attention of the audiences and they can see the description box. Every other E-commerce retailer wants to bring the audience towards the description box, to show their product quality and product information. Unsuccessful attempts are mainly due to the fact that the image and the description often don’t match. Therefore, it is important to match the product image with the description while performing the clipping path technique.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is a powerful tool, which eliminates an image from its 2D Background and make more prominent to the customer’s eye. Moreover, the clipping path is more than just a background removal tool. It accentuates the beauty of a product by making it the star of the evening. It is a closed vector path technique that outlines the object’s outer corners with the help of a drafting pen. Usually, the dark shadowy areas that can’t be rendered by increased indexing or highlighting are clipped in order the element that is intended to be showcased is presented in a heroic manner.

A clipping path technique can be both a single path and multiple paths (Compound Path) depending upon the nature and shape of the element. Furthermore, the clipping path is mostly done in two scenarios, one when a product needs to be highlighted from its unnecessary background and second when one needs to wrap the text around it.

How to Clip an Image?

Down to an important step, how can we clip an image from its background while retaining its qualities? Image clipping can be done with finesse by using a Pen Tool to remove the unwanted background from an image. It can render the subject of the image which has sharp, smooth edges. This allows the clipping path to stay straight in its position. The following simple steps illustrate how to clip an image in Adobe Photoshop on your own:


The first step is to launch Photoshop and then load the desired image that you want to clip. Select the Pen Tool from the main toolbar option and layout the pen tool by drawing around the object that needs to be isolated. On completing the path around the subject, go down to the Layers palette and select the Paths panel, which has its own tab, Click on the triangle-shaped icon located at the top right corner of the panel, and then choose “Save Path”.  


In the second most important stage choose “Clipping Path” from the same drop-down menu. A new dialog box will appear with a variety of clipping path settings. Make sure your path is successfully added and click okay


In the third and final step save the clipping path to our current Photoshop project. Go to the main File menu, select “Save As”, and then choose “Photoshop EPS”. Here you have a nicely clipped image just as you wanted it to be!

Clipping Path Vs Masking

Although both are not considered separate from each other but still there occur certain minor changes between clipping path and image masking, Clipping Path is the technique you use to remove the background from an image. On the other hand, Image Masking for rather dealing with complex images having more than one focus point. It is technically possible to remove the background from complex images with a clipping path, but the result isn’t always as appealing as it would’ve been with image masking. As you can tell, the image edited with a clipping path might look a bit non-realistic.

Types of Clipping path Services

There are many types of image clipping services incorporating different aspects of image editing and clipping for a realistic result. Manual Clipping Path, Multiple Clipping Paths, Alpha Masking Service, Design Paths, Overlapping Paths, Clipping Mask, Background Removal, Channel Masking are important editing services that are present at one stage of image clipping service. Also, other Image Editing Techniques, such as Image Restoration, Image manipulation, Photorealistic Rendering Service, Photo Retouching, and Photo Enhancement converge at one point resulting in a flawless product image ready to market your product out in the world.

Which Services Best Use Clipping Path Mainly while Editing?

There are many other related notable services that employ clipping paths more often to achieve different end results. Such as Image Retouching Service, Neck Joint Service, Color Correction Service as well as Image Background Removal Service, more are bigger fans of clipping path techniques to enhance their editing objectives. This is because an enhanced product presentation increases your company’s reputation many folds. With an enticing product image that stands tall from its background can earn you bonus points in the form of sales from your prospective customers.

Tools such as Background Eraser Tools, Magic Eraser Tools along with Color Separation Techniques when mixed with clipping path, can render your product images perfect and natural-looking, which alone by clipping path is tough to achieve. Moreover, color grading and correction can add a unique touch of vibrancy to your product images to attract numerous customers at one time. A quality product is our main stance and goal at the same time. It is your every right to make your images more and more attractive and elegant in a limited time. A professional understands your company prospectus and ideals and incorporates interesting clipping styles with your product images for customers to feel like that they are purchasing from an authentic online website. Clipping Path of an image can be easy but doing a bulk image clipping path can get you in a panicking situation, Hence, Outsourcing can assist your product presentation aims by providing bulk image clipping solutions.

How ITS Can Help You With Clipping Path Service?

Information Transformation Service (ITS) categorizes Clipping Path Services in many variants such as Image Manipulation Service and Image Restoration Service. Our Professional Image Editors have an advanced state of the art editing studios that are fully equipped to give your images lives a boast. ITS Team has served many business giants and individual start-ups in the line to make their products look more appealing and focused.

There are tons of Clipping Path Services in town but we are above and beyond all such companies because of the list of professional services we provide under the same roof. Information Transformation Services pledges to provide you with the best error-free and accurate Clipping Path Services. ITS is 24/7 available to transform your un-translated vision into a personalized product image that can get your business running. If you are interested in ITS Clipping Path Services, you can ask for a free quote!

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