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5 Reasons Why eCommerce Marketers Should Learn Web Scraping


There are various reasons to learn web scraping due to the numerous features it has to offer. However, for marketers, the need of learning the technique is even more crucial as it benefits eCommerce data gathering incentives very much. The variety of applications of web scarping regarding eCommerce are web indexing, eCommerce price trade monitoring, data mining, marketing research through competitor analysis and comparison, targeted data extraction, collection of sales and leads, tracing product presence, reputation, and its social listening.


Web Scraping also termed Data Mining sometimes is referred to the collection of large volumes of data directly from the web. The data is then put into the databases for further analysis and afterward used to improve business tasks and marketing schemes. Although in today’s age, unique data holds much larger face value still many marketers are unaware of how to use web scraping to expand their e-Businesses.


Web Scraping is an efficient tool to help marketers build inbound marketing strategies. It is considered as something holy at the very time. The type of marketing technique is LESS INTRUSIVE AND MORE CREATIVE.


On the other hand, outbound marketing is more intrusive and involves rigorous texting, calls, and a push of content in the face of the consumer. Inbound marketing demands customer engagement and interactive blog posts which can’t be created in thin air without customer behavior analysis. To convey your brand voice effectively you require a large amount of updated data. This is the point where web scraping proves fruitful for your eCommerce business.


How does web scarping do all this for you? In this blog, essential top five reasons are listed which are associated with web scraping and gather critical information about customers.


Lead Generation


One of the very basic reasons for marketers to use web scraping is to learn where is the audience or buyers of the product located. Consider, you are the owner of farm equipment selling company and your goal is to target farmers which require your product for safe and efficient farming. In the same way, if you are to sell sports cars then your target must be rich enthusiasts.


Web scraping is a quicker method to find information that is particular to your project. Hence limit out the scope of random information which is flooding the Internet these days. Web Data Integration helps filter out the right people by the pin-pointing social media platform. You can build a database of people contacts, names, and addresses and feed the data to the sales funnel to reach out to prospectus customers. There will also be an element of outbound marketing involved as you are tailoring content to a particular direction.


2. Market Research


Staying in top trends is every eCommerce business dream. For this purpose general, social and economic development of the brand is important because it guides you towards the competitive content which your company requires to produce for a certain audience. Simple marketing research helps define what types of products are liked in the market, which ones are resonating among people, what are the key issues relating to products with customers, and many other product selling queries are potentially answered. Marketing Research help in achieving larger success in devising targeted content which is the center of attention for readers and buyers, it also adds support to your product reputation and builds up your brand n the eyes of the customer.


Doing all this manually can be time-consuming and might not yield promising results. Hence, for all marketers, web scarping is a much cheaper and safer option to get their hands on news articles, pricing, sales data, and competitor progress in the market.


3. Understanding demographics


For eCommerce business improvement understanding of demographics is directly proportional to better product sales. The area of selling is as important as the product itself. Things such as preferences and taste differ with age and educational backgrounds or due to other socioeconomic factors. Understanding all the geography-related terms such as size, ratio and trends can make you devise more specific plans to comprehend within less time.


There is not much point in setting a luxury car on a low budget, or a pop young culture restaurant in a large aged population. In either case, you must be adept in the scenario and situation in which you are marketing your brand’s product. Web Scraping is a notable tool to provide you with all researched and valid information about your prospective customers and eventually lift your business to new eCommerce heights. Hence, to research all such demographic scales, web scraping proves authentic and precise.


4. Search engine optimization


The relatively faster way to generate raw traffic is by working on the brand’s website through effective Search Engine Optimization. SEO is strongly associated with inbound marketing. The tool can also be used to elicit information about what sort of keywords are ranked among users and buyers. As customers on their part visit your website when they want something or are interested in your services. This can only be achieved via promising content. ‘Keywords’ play the role of facilitator to address the predetermined data from the target websites and the step can be repeated for different websites employing different website-specific keywords. SEO is the art of knowing, what is the right keyword to choose and focus on to boost your website copy on them. In this way, you can collect the required product information from a website completely unknown to you through the ethical use of web scarping. Web Scraping can teach you what are the top ranking keywords in the relative domain and what amount of traffic is generated over the respective keyword.


5. Tracking competitors marketing campaigns


The best method to avoid PR disaster is to closely observe what marketing blunders are made by other brands. Web Scraping is valuable for tracking the performance of the marketing campaign, the response to the campaign, and the fallout of other brands. In this way, you can technically avoid crafting negative outcomes for the content. Web Scraping is exclusive to inbound marketing than outbound marketing strategies of any business organization. This is so because the customers surf through the online platforms and land onto your product or service website at their own will. Best of the rest, web scraping can also be done with minimum coding and technical skill awareness. Making it the most reliable option for all eCommerce marketers out there!


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