Top 7 Must-Have SEO Plugins For WordPress

Top 7 Must-Have SEO Plugins For WordPress

For companies just starting, SEO might seem to be a bit intimidating but with proper guidance, at your disposal, this problem can be solved. An SEO plugin generally helps to increase both the quality and quantity of virtual visitors to your official company website. Therefore, if you employ a good SEO plugin then your chances to get organic traffic doubles for your WordPress website. To improve your virtual foothold in the digital market you must be ready to invest in advanced tools that possess smart features such as sitemaps, audit checklists, content insights, and more. Before wasting any moment further let us show you our list of top 7 SEO plugins for WordPress that you can make use of effectively:


All-In-One SEO


Since its creation, All-in-One SEO has been a customer favorite that has little SEO understanding. By using this popular WordPress plugin you can successfully rank your websites higher on the Google search engine. It has evolved to handle every aspect of SEO that you need with considerable ease. All you need to do is download the plugin and install it in your system. You can proceed further by answering simple questions like if you have an online business or a blog. In this way, you will have all the essential components you require to rank your website higher in search engine results in 10 minutes.


WP Rocket


Your website’s operational speed impacts your search engine rankings. Users abandon sluggish business websites because it takes more time to load content. Generally, it is observed that if a web page takes more than a minute or two to load content, users depart such websites. There are many reasons for website abandonment but as users bounce back from your website as a result Google lowers your website ranking.


However, very few WordPress plugins address the matter of website speed. Therefore, you must consider all possible measures to maintain your website at all times. For this purpose, WP Rocket proves authentic. It is a cache plugin more than an SEO plugin. It will work to improve your website speed which will help you in Google ranking. All you need to do is to download and install WP Rocket then search for various options like optimizing media, files, and databases to ensure that your website content loads quickly.




If you need a good keyword analyzer to target search traffic and estimate cost-per-clicks for Google campaigns then Ubersuggest is a reliable WordPress plugin available for you. This platform enables you to score in a crowded field of competitors in general and in paid search as well. You also get to access a useful graph of search traffic history alongside popular keyword suggestions that gain more traffic possibilities and other content optimization examples to help you get your ideas across to a wider virtual audience.




SEOPress is a user-friendly plugin for WordPress for those who are new to SEO or only know the basics of SEO. All types of users can operate SEOPress as it supports 17+ languages with standard expert language translations in English, Chinese, and other notable languages. This SEO tool is a good option for those who wish to earn good results without any investment.


SEMrush Writing Assistant


SEMrush is another pioneer SEO plugin in the SEO field. This plugin allows access to all much-needed smart features like keyword analysis, paid search marketing, competition research, and the list goes on. This organization provides another plugin SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) for free. As soon as you install SWA, you will be able to use SEMrush’s platform for easy and efficient monitoring of your website content.


Squirrly SEO


Squirrly SEO is an exceptional AI-based SEO plugin with over 300 SEO built-in features such as SEOpress, Yoast, RankMath, etc free of cost. It is an all-in-one SEO plugin to support your business in many important things like blog posts, settings, strategies, and keyword research. To get started you simply have to fill in the domain keyword that you wish to rank in your current blog post. Squirrly enables popup suggestions via green lights to help you make changes at the right time. This is how you can have optimized content with accurately fitting keywords. Another remarkable feature is the competition analysis tool which enables you to analyze your competitor’s content and helps you to outrank their pages with your content.


BoldGrid Easy SEO


BoldGrid Easy SEO is built to support all types of users having different experience levels. This special SEO plugin is created by W3 Total Cache. This user-friendly plugin allows easy access to some of the most powerful tools for your website search optimization. With its help, you can optimize your web page titles, keyword density, header content, image alt tags, and overall website content. It comes with multiple options to allow or disallow indexing, follow or no-follow links, and identify canonical URLs. By using these tools you can successfully analyze your webpage content in real-time. In addition, you can also maintain SEO practices by making suitable recommendations and ranking your business higher in search engine results.


Final Thoughts


There is no shortcut to success but with suitable SEO plugins, you can achieve your website’s success in less time. SEO has become an essential practice for anyone serious about his business. Fortunately, various SEO plugins are created to automate your website SEO process on your part. The above list includes a few popular SEO plugins selected from a pool of useful plugins available over the Internet. Using these SEO tools you can fulfill your SEO journey by benefiting from the latest features and advanced capabilities. There are both free and paid versions of SEO plugins available for your convenience.


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