Best Lead Generation Tools To Achieve Targeted Leads

Best Lead Generation Tools to Achieve Targeted Leads

Lead Generation Tools are very important if you want to generate leads speedily and by authentic means. Targeted leads are valuable assets that account for almost half of your overall sales. Luckily, there are many diverse and easy ways by which you can generate leads. The detailed account of the mainstream five methods by which all this is possible are Facebook Ads, Discounts and Coupons, High-Value content, and Referral Partnership. Personalized email marketing can generate faster leads in less time.

I couldn’t stress more at this point for your sales, Two-way connection and active as well as appropriate response is all and more to drive raw traffic and generate leads into sales. A timely response can save you a seat for your product. At first, the primary motive is to understand what the buyer actually wants, analyze and interpret the problem in a more factual and doable manner and provide an excellent solution to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with the buyer.

What Personalized E-mail Marketing do is that it makes your customer at home and proud with you writing his/her specifications to addressee. It is essentially a great way to create brand loyalty with potential customers. Not only this but you can measure clicks and open statistics to estimate your progress to know if you are par or behind. Here are a few well-known lead generation tools that nail Lead Generation in the best way possible.


OptiMonster is an effective lead generation tool that can grow your e-mail list at an exponential rate. With its built-in back-ups, you can add interesting pop-ups that can result in a very eye-catching display to attract user attention within an instant. Moreover, OptinMonster comes with 50+ templates that is guaranteed to keep you going with changing interests. The powerful segmentation engine can work through all websites and integrate e-mails proficiently at any significant level.

Constant Contact

If you are any person with a relatively much bigger demand or you prefer a MailChimp alternative then Constant Contact is a must-have. With world-class support in your hands, you can earn a desirable number regarding lead generation and that in very little time too. Furthermore, the tool is supported by international level training.


Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing software that corresponds to both e-mail marketing and connection with customers through SMS Service. Hence, you can create a whole new experience for the customer. Moreover, it comes with exciting packages from standard to premium to get you hooked to it all day long!


If you are someone, who is setting up a new business empire and there are pretty much no customers. The first thing that will become potentially the hardest is to go and find more customers to engage with your product/service/brand. Hunter is just the right tool if you are in no mood to waste time. Just enter your domain of interest and it will bring up a designed pattern e-mail set. Not only this, The software comes with an incredible Rating Scale which gives you a clear idea about what e-mail works for the customers and what not!


With Google Chrome Extension Service you can quickly search LinkedIn, AngelList and many other social networks for potential convertible leads. Thus, you can benefit from your AeroLeads account in a wholesome manner by adding up other accounts and in return receive all their business and contact details to reach out. AeroLeads comes with $49/month pricing but there exists a free version also to credit all your new lead generation needs.

How ITS can help you with Lead Generation Service?

Information Transformation Service (ITS) provides exceptional solutions to all your faster and convertible lead generation problems with international standard state-of-the-art remarkable Lead Generation Service at the very ease of your couch.

Team ITS provides timely and effective Lead Generation Service that additionally offer pre-consultation and discussion of the project as well as define a detailed solution for each of your leads and content engagement related problems.

Information Transformation Service also provides solutions for long term economical outsourcing plans to marketing giants and state of the art enterprises whenever you like. ITS promises you quality over quantity breaking all barriers by providing long-term and easy leads engagement. Generate and widen your circle with extra portable and organic leads that will make your business stand out among others in the Digital Market.

Consider all your Lead Generation Problems resolved with more faster and efficient leads in your hands that can be converted at an exponential rate into portable sales. ITS Experts knows all that matters the most in turning all traffic into leads and then into sales with modern technology and promised results. Trust ITS, with all your leads and sales needs and we’ll transform your business into a celebrated sensation.


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