9 Ways Technology Revolutionizes Business Social Media Plans

9 Ways Technology Revolutionizes Business Social Media Plans

The world of business has changed so much, even just in the past decade, with the integration of social media into marketing and customer engagement. To create a better social media presence for your business, you need the best technology on your side. Read below for nine ways technology revolutionizes business social media plans.


Advanced Analytics and Insights


Technology has come a long way in terms of gathering data and analyzing it to help businesses create better. More targeted marketing campaigns. By using platforms like Google Analytics and Hootsuite, businesses can delve into all of the information about their social media accounts from viewership to followers to post interactions. After going over and analyzing the data about their social media presence, businesses can make data-driven decisions on how to move forward with their social media posts.


AI and Machine Learning


Working with AI to foster a better relationship with social media followers and keep customer interaction efficient and satisfactory is one way in which businesses are changing the way they use technology to revolutionize their plans. Using chatbots on their websites and social media messaging platforms allows the business to build a relationship with followers without having to hire an excessive amount of staff to keep up with messages. It also means that customers will get responses at all times of the day, eliminating the frustration of waiting for a reply from the business.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning also help businesses to cater marketing to each individual social media follower. If a business wants more followers, it can buy 2500 Instagram followers through a trusted company and can use that surge in followers to build a better reputation. This will lead more real people to follow them, and when they do, AI technology can analyze their preferences and use that information to appeal to their interests so that they receive advertisements that they actually like. This will help with follower retention on all social media platforms.


Content Creation Tools


A good social media page must have high-quality content that keeps customers coming back time and time again. Content creation tools like Canva and VistaCreate make it easier for business marketing teams to create entire marketing campaigns through a single platform. These tools are so good that they allow businesses to generate high-quality content with detailed graphics, bright colors, and appealing aesthetics. Before the creation of this kind of technology, businesses had to create advertisements on rudimentary computer systems or by hand. Now, the creative process can be mapped out and saved on these platforms for current and future use. Many of these tools have basic plans that are free to use, making them a great choice for businesses that are just starting out and trying to grow a bigger social media following.


Automated Social Media Posting


The automation of social media posts is one of the great technological inventions for social media in the past several years. This allows businesses to set up a schedule for when to post content so that a person doesn’t have to sit around and wait to click “post” at the opportune time. Marketing employees can create their content and then set the automated time to post. This works great for businesses that are trying to reach audiences around the world as well. They no longer have to wait until the middle of the night to post things for people in other time zones to see.




Influencer Involved Marketing


Creating relationships with influences through communication platforms is one of the top ways to get more followers and more traffic to a business’s website. The first step in working with an influencer is to do some research and find the right influencer for your brand. Different platforms now exist where brands can communicate with influencers in a discreet and casual manner to see if they work well together. After the initial contact is made, the influencer-brand relationship can grow and both parties can reap the benefits.


Customer Feedback Tools


It has become increasingly important for businesses to use their data and analytics to improve customer experience. With technological advancements like social listening tools, businesses can filter through comments, messages, and mentions on social media to discover what everyday people are saying about their brand. These tools catch increases in conversations about brands and can help businesses act in real time if issues arise. This allows brands to quickly respond to customer complaints and resolve issues or mistakes that were made. In a world of cancel culture, this is a very important tool to have.


Augmented and Virtual Reality


To make customer interaction on social media even more in-depth, some companies are now integrating AR and VR experiences through their posts. This means creating interactive advertisements or product demos on their websites. This is just another way in which businesses can create memorable experiences for potential customers and get them coming back for more entertaining fun.


Enhanced Customer Relationship Management


Understanding the wants and needs of your customers is an important part of maintaining a good following on social media. By using customer relationship management tools, businesses will be able to analyze customer interaction with posts, gather data about popular purchases, and reach out to customers to ask for feedback. All of these things will cumulate into an enhanced relationship with customers, leading to better brand recognition and loyalty.


Integration of E-Commerce


Online purchasing has grown exponentially in recent years with almost every business setting up an online store. Using social media as a channel for customers to interact with online shops is an important part of online marketing. The social media plans of any business should be directly related to online sales. This way, businesses can specifically target customers with personalized ads that will lead them to click on a link to their website. Social media discount codes and sales are also a great way to draw more potential customers in.



Technology is everywhere and in every industry, so learning how to use it and channel it for your business’s benefit is important as the world grows increasingly digital. Use the information provided to find out how you can better use technology to enhance and revolutionize your social media plans.

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