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    If you are facing a lot of trouble in making your business product designs attractive and informative then ITS has got just the right offer for you to capture your customer’s attention by providing you enticing product catalogs designed for your company. At Information Transformation Service (ITS) we work to make all your worries relating to product catalog designing banish forever. Educate your customers about your product and services more effectively by outsourcing your catalog design projects to ITS.

    Catalog Designing is all about making your products look excellent with just the needed information to comprehend your company products for your prospective customers. For this purpose, not only the format and product description is what matters the most but also updating it at regular intervals is as much important. Our professionals will design catalogs that will help your products get more customer attention and increase your product page watch-time.

    Catalog Designing Services We Offer

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) provides a variety of catalog design services to cater to all your catalog design-related best interests within affordable packages. Such a huge variety is kept to accommodate all your major catalog design concerns, let us dive into the catalog design categories provided right here at ITS.

    Half Fold Design

    Designing is an integral part of Catalog Design Service. ITS has converted it into a fully sectioned catalog design category. In this design, a single sheet is folded to get four-sheet panels. Printing is done on the front and back of the separated sheets of the page. The page is parted and designed in such a way that the front and back yield company information and the middle section involves promotional details.

    Tri-fold Design

    Tri-fold Design Service involves folding of the catalog two times. This gives out an increased space effect, which can be utilized to cover up more information relating to your company product and services in great depth. Printing is done on six pages including three outside and three inside.


    Leaflet Design

    ITS offers incredible choices within catalog design services to compliment all different catalog creation interests all in one go. Leaflet design consists of a single sheet where professional editors design short notes within a single page to provide the audience a complete perspective of your company and the products you sell.


    Booklet Catalogs

    ITS’s comprehensive range of catalog design services involves a booklet catalog option for our customers, to provide them an opportunity to showcase their company's next 5 years plans, sales-driving content, and perfectly positioned product images more conveniently.



    Different attractive presentation folders are also designed by our specialists. We understand the saying that goes as the first impression is the last and we stick by it. So, if any one of the clients requires increased promotional content then the ITS Team is ready to get started all at once!


    Cover Designing Services

    From cover design services to event program designs, ITS Professionals have ample experience to turn your desired ideas into pleasing catalogs for a target audience. The cover of a catalog is the first real chance to build an impression. ITS Team ensures that all the covers are easy to read, clear, and visually interesting for your customers.

    Cover Designing Services

    From cover design services to event program designs, ITS Professionals have ample experience to turn your desired ideas into pleasing catalogs for a target audience. The cover of a catalog is the first real chance to build an impression. ITS Team ensures that all the covers are easy to read, clear, and visually interesting for your customers.

    Picture Designing Services

    For constructing an enticing catalog, it is essential to pay attention to graphics. Images paired with a product description can be a powerful combination for captivating new customers towards your product. Furthermore, the inclusion of a floor plan and a company prospect of handling worldwide competition along with growth can add a unique touch and elevate your customer response towards your brand.

    Content Creation Services

    Content holds the most face-value than any of the components of a good catalog. ITS Team is adept in creating compelling content for your customers to trust your services with an open heart. Information about a product or an event, we can design optimum solutions with our intellectual content writers. All key-details are highlighted for an effective call-to-action approach.

    Product Image Editing Services
    Product Image Editing Services

    Print Process Advisory Services

    ITS Team follows all traditional as well as latest techniques for better catalog conversion service. Whether digital or print catalogs, our designing team provides you with excellent printing solutions, by suggesting you a suitable type of paper to use, ink, size, and coating to ensure that the final catalog is coming out best.

    Digital Catalog Creation Services

    Being crowned as one of the leading catalog conversion company, ITS Team puts to use all its past experiences and ventures regarding catalog designing to benefit your company. Our digital catalogs can be made to suit your website or can be directly emailed to your existing customers.

    Catalog Designing Process We Follow

    Catalog Design Service is not an easy task but takes time to set all your company’s prerequisites enticingly. Factors such as product description, data compilation, formatting, color scheme are important to make the catalog look worth reading.

    Information Transformation Service (ITS) follows a unique workflow such that catalog designing remains smooth and risk-free.


    Determining the Purpose

    The foremost important step is to fully investigate and pen down the client's company detail information of which a catalog is to be designed. How, for whom, and when the catalog is to be designed.


    Simple and Short

    ITS Team takes things steadily to make sure everything is in its exact predetermined order. Based upon our client's requirements, we create simple to complex catalogs, keeping your vision shining through our creatively organized catalogs.


    The Elements

    In the second phase, ITS Professional consults with our clients about the subjects to be included in the catalog design and in what kind of folds is wanted by the company. Even the slightest details are considered essential elements while conducting the catalog design process.


    Sketch or Images

    Sketches and images can elevate any dull or boring slice of information more effectively. ITS Editors design new images by keeping your company products as referential artifacts. This step boosts your brand repute in a very positive way!


    Meaningful Content

    ITS experts have an eye for detail to make sure that your catalog turns out to be more meaningful. For this purpose, we have in-house special content writers to sift through content which captivates your audience.

    Web Scraping Services

    Prototype Printing

    The seventh step includes prototype printing. A prototype is a demo catalog which is a drafted version before finalizing catalog design formats such as half-fold, tri-fold, or multiple-fold by ITS leading team of catalog folders.

    Planning of the Catalog

    A good catalog designing involves a step-by-step guide at ITS. The subject matter is discussed, analyzed, and determined through research and consultation with clients and professionals. The major reason behind this detailed effort is to ensure 100% accurate catalog design results that will leave your customers in awe of your company products.

    Final Delivery

    Delivery of a catalog must be handled with sheer responsibility. No one can do it better than an ITS Professional with years of catalog processing experience, taking care of catalog correction and quality maintenance tasks. After the delivery of the final project, we keep in touch with our prestigious clients to make sure we transfer 100% results.

    Why Outsource Catalog Designing Services to ITS?

    In addition to the usual advantages ITS, provide significant scoring benefits to make your company outshine your business competition for better sales and to address customer needs. We save you from spending thousands of dollars by giving you the benefit of labor arbitrage. Furthermore, we equip you with the following notable benefits listed below:


    Updating a catalog frequently after a product or service launch can cost a huge amount. Such extra expense can be managed while staying under your proposed pre-planned budget by opting for an ITS outsourcing catalog designing company. Reducing large overturns with no compromise upon quality. ITS provides all types of designs, formats, and bindings at an affordable price.

    International Standards Certifications

    ITS is ISO 2700 Certified BPO Service Provider, we know the significance of your catalog design requirements and their impact upon your business strategies and regimes. Our QA Team double checks if any error is left out.

    Exquisite Designs

    The designs calibrated by our professional designers are the latest and modern. Hence, allowing you to get a lot more in just a little for your company’s sovereignty.

    Access to Extremely Talented Professionals

    Our Company has highly skilled and professional employees with years of experience in this field. As we work Worldwide, our professionals are spread throughout time zones and geography, which we highly leverage for our better delivery to achieve better Professional catalog design service.

    High Data Security

    ITS has its own servers and secured internet services, to make clients feel safe about their data and can convey us any other information that, is required during the catalog design process.

    Latest Designs Tools & Technologies

    The tools and the technologies that are used by us are the latest and newest. The designs that are given by us are the most extraordinary in the market using updated platforms and software for better visualizations.

    Quick Delivery

    On-time delivery is what guarantees hard success. ITS Team makes sure that all your catalog design projects are submitted to you even before your strict deadlines.

    Round the Clock Customer Support

    Our experienced and well-trained team works with passion and dedication until the project is completed with 100% Client Satisfaction. We are available 24/7 for our prestigious customers.

    Market Research Analysis

    ITS Professionals work with effective coordination to make things happen the right way! In the retail business, it has become an ultimate necessity to include proper information regarding pamphlets, leaflets, and products. With our expert by your side, you can raise your bar of potential to a level where your company benefits with faster lead and sales generation.

    Professional Layout Service

    Our professionals give you a free hand and the leverage to experiment with new ideas and bright colors mix and match to entice viewer’s eyes. It comes with extra features such as you can easily promote deals, discounts, offers, and other attractions on the home page of your store and remove discounted or not available products in real-time.

    World Class Infrastructure

    At ITS, we have installed world-class infrastructure for proficient project completion. So, that our client doesn’t face any disturbance. From start till the finish of a catalog design project, we provide unmatchable expertise for your company’s better future.