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    Case Study – Product Label Digitization

    How ITS served one of the leading marketplaces for healthcare equipment.

    Client Needs

    One of the US’s leading product label content providers that works closely with the FDA had a need for a data digitization team to key highly accurate data directly into their system using photographic images.


    All production was to be carried out online within the client’s digitization platform. That constrained our ability to control the workflow, quality control, and get other daily production statistical data for better management of the project.

    The client’s digitization platform had some teething problems resulting in considerable downtime, data loss, and loss of productivity.

    The project specifications would change frequently, requiring constant updates to the processing guidelines and the digitization platform.

    At times there were certain discrepancies in the understanding of the implementation of the data processing guidelines between the two parties.

    Some product images were very difficult to digitize due to poor quality.


    In order to overcome the limitations with the client’s digitization platform i.e. workflow control, quality control, and other data management issues, our IT department came up with an innovative solution which recorded the digitization activities performed on the client’s platform in our in-house production system. This mechanism gave our team complete control over all activities which would have been impossible had we just relied on the client’s digitization system.

    Based on our vast experience in digitizing product data, our senior management provided valuable recommendations to the client for improvements to their digitization platform to address key issues with their platform.

    To address the gap in the understanding of the processing guidelines between the digitization and QA teams of both parties, we suggested a feedback/feedback-challenging mechanism. The implementation of the feedback & challenging operating procedure proved invaluable in bringing the understanding of both team onto the same page.

    With our innovative approach, industry experience, and proactive exchange of ideas and solutions, the project executed smoothly for years until its completion.


    ITS is far more than an off the shelf or “repetitive services” provider. Instead, based on our years of experience and wide array of client experiences, we provide solutions and improvements to our clients’ existing processes. This ensures better cost-effectiveness, higher accuracy and an overall great experience in outsourcing. Our management can discuss, consult and advise on solutions for your needs and even undertake a Proof-of-Concept trial to give you absolute peace of mind.