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With the huge rise in the complexity and volume of the data inflow, the maintenance of an accurate, clean, and consistent data in the company or organization is becoming a big challenge for the professionals. Information Transformation services, being one of the eminent data cleansing company, has contributed to deal with this challenge and helping companies to improve their data quality and taking better business decisions

Information Transformation services help the organization in managing all the facets of data management and data cleansing and identify and fixes all the inaccurate, random, irrelevant and incomplete data to maintain and achieve clean and high-quality data. Outsource your data cleaning services to us and get rid of all the data quality and management problems that include spelling errors, redundancies, typos, and missing entries.

By Partnering with the Information Transformation Services, The data management and data cleansing team lets all the companies overcome the difficulties and challenges like these common scenarios:

The data cleansing process is very challenging when a company is based in a different country with different languages and has multiple time zones

Most of the outsourcing options involve working with contractors who are not fluent in the English Language

Finding an ISO-27001 certified data cleansing company is always a big challenge.

Completing data cleansing tasks is very time-consuming, and it can require more employees

Information Transformation Services can help when an organization requires specialized data cleansing services to advance data quality in all systems and all formats. This includes CRM data (cloud-based systems and in-house systems) databases (online, offline and digital), social media data, and point of sale systems.

Our data cleansing services helps in C-level managers and executives at all levels to eradicate the low-quality data and makes it sure that the decision is based on accurate and consistent information. The ITS data cleansing team identify, correct, and removes all the unclean data, inconsistent, inaccurate, and corrupted data records in all of the file formats and locations. For example, address data cleansing.

The primary ITS data cleaning service is data de-duplication to eliminate the redundant data and reduce the storage overhead expenses. In the last twenty years, our ISO-Certified outsourcing experts have assisted thousands of clients. The client list includes enterprises, small business, and individuals.

We always apply custom centric outsourcing tactics that are customized to meet the specific scheduling requirements, needs, and the budget of our client. Our Data Cleansing Process has the following workflow.

Defining the requirements of data cleansing.

Delivering a trial data cleansing project that provides quality standards. After successful trial data, Client approves the test project.

Service level contracts and agreement such as pricing and scheduling.

Appointment of the task to a Project Manager and allocating him with the data cleansing tasks.

Importing un-clean data (CSV, Excel, or the Tab-separated text file format) and convert it to cleansing system.

De-duplicating the data by identifying the possible duplicate entities and removing them. The Complete task is manually observed for the mission-critical data.

Exporting data in different formats as required that includes XML, Excel, PDF, and others as required.

Making a Quality check to measure data cleansing accuracy and making any necessary revision or amendments.

Sending the Final delivery via the method that is specified by the client.

Our highly accurate and quality data cleansing services are ISO 27001-certified, adhere to the international guidelines Here is a brief overview of the expertise offered by ITS.

Multi-lingual team that works with ease in different languages and can solve any data quality problem - data cleansing related projects can be processed in any preferred languages.

A highly skilled and certified team of more than 100 data entry and data cleaning experts.

99% compliance with service level agreement (SLA) standards.

To ensure security and privacy, our data cleansing team always uses secure web servers, virtual private networks, FTP uploads, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements or contracts.