How you can boost your profits by data cleaning?

Startups and small entrepreneurial setups can conveniently get away with simple data handling tools for carrying out their significant operations. However, as soon as the company starts flourishing, these basic tools fall short behind in handling the massive amount of data. The data that can initially be accommodated in the single spreadsheet gradually grows into a data warehouse.

How crucial is it to organize your data?

The data-intensive industries are growing at the expense of “how better they are using their data?”.  If a company optimizes its data usage, then this can give an instant buzz to the profits. For ensuring the maximum efficacy, the data should be error-free. The quality of the data should be the first and utmost priority. The data handling and storage processes are prone to errors, so it’s always the right approach to clean the data before optimizing the work scheme.

What is data cleansing? How can it help your business to grow?

So till this far we can establish the unarguable fact that the data is a significant asset of your company. Missed, inaccurate and faulty data can be fatal for the credibility of the results. A single inaccurate data field can bring down the sale efficiency. However, data cleaning can save you from these potential losses.  Data cleaning process vigilantly determines the useless, incomplete or inaccurate data.

Further, this data is either omitted, substituted or corrected to improve the quality. Data cleaning is aimed to remove all the probable inconsistencies in your data. It ensures that you have highly customized and newest files to work with so that the employees experience a hassle-free working.

What is data mining? How can it help your business to grow?

Data mining is the process that is focused on acquiring new insights from the raw data. Data mining find anomalies and draw correlations within extensive data and visualize the outcomes. If properly implemented, then data mining can increase the revenue and cut down the expenses.

How data cleaning and data mining are correlated?

Data mining is a technique for carrying out data cleaning. Quality-oriented data mining is among the newest approaches. It identifies data quality problems in the extensive databases and try to retain the credible data quality level. The data mining algorithms are capable of extracting the intrinsic valuable pieces of information. The extracted information and insights are proficient to not only enhance the quality of the data but can also boost the sales.

Hiring a credible company to do the data cleaning and data mining can give your company a head start. As the massive amount of data pose a need for proficient data handling, so it can’t be a simple “Do it yourself” task. Only the credible data scientists can be capable of extracting valuable insights from your data. So it’s often recommended taking the assistance of data mining service providers to ensure a promising profit.

How can we help you?

Information Transformation Services is the eminent company providing the data mining and data cleansing services. Through the year of services, we have helped many companies to thrive in the market by optimizing their data competently. From the small entrepreneur setups to large enterprises, we have vigilantly served all.

Our ISO certified experts eliminate the redundant and faulty data to ensure that the data is quality-oriented, and the company makes decision-based on accurate and consistent information.

How does our data cleaning and data mining service work?

Services provided by ITS are based on customer care. We devise customized plans for every single client by keeping in view their needs, requirements and budget.  The basic workflow scheme is:

  • The client is asked in detail about the requirements of the data cleaning project.
  • For ensuring trust and credibility, our team deliver trial data cleaning or data mining projects. Once the customer is confident about our quality standards, then the team start working on the actual project.
  • The budget and the schedule is discussed with the clients beforehand. So they can keep track of the progress too.
  • The data received can be of various formats, so the first task is to convert into suitable formats.
  • Then comes the manual task of checking the duplicate entries; all the potential errors are removed. The data is finally restructured into a way that ensures maximum efficiency.
  • Finally, the data is converted to the formats as per best suited to the client’s need.
  • Then the last task is running a quality check to ensure that services provided by the company comply with the ISO standards.
  • Our team stays in contact with the client and is open to amendments or revisions until the final approval by the client.

Why us?

  • Quality data cleaning and data mining services according to ISO-27001 standards
  • Exceptional compliance with the standards set by service level agreement
  • Encrypted web services and VPN for the avoiding security breach
  • Certified data cleaning and data mining experts
  • The multi-lingual team, having excellent communicational skills and the fastest turnaround time