ITS takes charge of your business processes and liberates you to focus on your core functions.

Whether you have a one-off job or a long term assignment, we have the resources to quickly step in and seamlessly become a part of your workflow.

We listen, understand, train & deliver

It is hard to compartmentalize our entire range of services in neat packages. What we are very good at is to understand your requirements thoroughly, compile the most suitable team, put the team through a rigorous project specific training program, and make them live on your project. You define your needs, we deliver.

Some of our specialized services are listed below. If you do not see anything that matches your needs, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will provide a cost-effective, custom solution.


Job boards, Newspapers, Classified sites

Classified ads processing
Is a specialized suite of services that liberates you from having to process (key, classify, categorize, post and manage) your classified adverts on your websites.

The services also include entertaining amendment requests, and if required, sending email alerts to the registered candidates/prospects.

The adverts could be from print or online only listings. The print adverts are text converted employing double keying techniques to ensure the highest accuracy possible.

The adverts are classified according to your defined specifications. Each and every step of the process is double checked during quality assurance.

The quality assured listings are posted on your website as direct feeds using webservices, sent as XML data, or in any other customer defined mark-up structure.

World’s leading Media companies, Newspapers and Job Boards are using ITS to process their listings on a daily basis.

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Accurately entered data with proper classification and categorization is key to its effective and efficient use within your enterprise.

We are experts in the classification of data and initial database population for a wide range of business types from Job boards, classified ads to shop-from-home online grocery services.

We can take any customer-defined criteria and process your data in a way that makes it easy to locate, store and process.

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Data Harvesting/

Data scraping/harvesting from websites and entering the harvested data into a user-defined database format.

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Dedicated resources
Based on your specific needs,
we provide dedicated resources
to work as an extension of your organization.

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HTML Newsletters
HTML emails and newsletters are
very effective
marketing and communications tools.

Working within your preferred HTML email system, we build newsletters with complete tracking from pre-defined templates or create new templates on demand.

With a thorough understanding of browser compatibility and email client issues, the HTML emails are tested vigorously before being sent out to the mailing lists.

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Link building
Link building is an important element in driving targeted traffic to your website.

While many software tools are available for this but generating quality and relevant links require research and careful screening of the prospective sites. This is where we step in.

Based on your criteria of industrial sectors, page rank, back links and other requirements, we research and shortlist potential companies, approach them on your behalf and gain targeted and relevant links for you.

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