HTML Conversion Services

ITS HTML Conversion Services

  1. HTML to PDF conversion: We can convert your HTML file into PDF so that you can keep the source code in the book format for further editing’s. we also created user manuals from the HTML files
  2. HTML color conversion: If you have changed the logo of your website and you want to change the color scheme of the website according to the logo, we can change the color schemes of all the HTML files as per your requirements
  3. HTML to PowerPoint conversion: If you want to use your HTML page into a slideshow. We can convert your HTML pages into PowerPoint presentations
  4. HTML to ICADD transformation service: We also translate the desired HTML page into International Committee for Accessible Document Design-Document Type Definition (ICADD DTD) and ICADD document can be further translated into Braille, voice synthesis files or a large print document
  5. HTML into any other Format: We also convert the HTML file into any other format like RTF, ASCII, and TeX

HTML Conversion Services offered by ITS

Our Highly expert and competent data conversion experts can do a variety of HTML conversions that includes:

  • XML Files to HTML
  • PowerPoint Files to HTML
  • Text Files to HTML
  • Image Files (GIF, TIFF,PNG,JPG,) to HTML
  • PSD to HTML
  • PDF to HTML
  • Flash Files to HTML
  • RTF Files to HTML
  • Conversion from Different Sources Such as Microfiche, Microfilm, Print Documents to HTML

Benefits of outsourcing HTML Conversion services to ITS

Your company can save a big amount of resources with our cost-effective HTML Conversion Services.

  • You can make focus on your core business and we will concentrate on converting your HTML document.
  • We can convert your HTML page into any document that requires
  • We completely understand that all the HTML conversion projects require to customize solutions and hence, we provide each client with our customized HTML conversion services.
  • If you outsource your HTML conversion services to ITS, then we will assure you 99% accuracy and on-time delivery.
  • For each of our project, we have a dedicated quality assurance team, including random sample checking, proofreading, and computer-based consistency checks to ensure that we always provide our customers with quality services
  • We have a quality assurance program for all of our projects that ensure quality services to our clients. The duties of a quality assurance program include proofreading, random sample checking, and computer-based consistency checker.
  • By outsourcing the HTML Conversion services to It-s, we assure you that the quality services will be delivered to you ahead of your timeline
  • Outsource to ITS and be assured about the privacy and security of your confidential data

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