A leading UK newspaper

Servicing since 1998

In 1998, one of the UK’s most prestigious newspapers, after a vigorous selection process, choose ITS to process their print ads for their jobsite. The required accuracy was near 100% with a swift turn-around. It was absolutely critical, the jobs were to be keyed, classified as per their specifications and posted on their jobsite by the time the paper went to press.

To achieve the desired accuracy rate, ITS employs double keying of text. Two operators enter the same information twice, which is later compared character to character for discrepancies and resolved against the original print advert.

The quality assured text is then sent for the separation of the composite ads into multiple listings. Next individual jobs are classified as per the specifications of the job site. The classified data is once again quality assured before being posted live on the jobsite.

Our Success Story... 

    Over a decade of providing this customer print ads conversion services, our scope of work has changed from not just processing print ads but to also processing online only listings (not going into print). Additionally, ITS today executes amendment requests and matching jobs with candidates.  This processing is consistently executed within the service level commitments to the client. 

iKan Technologies, USA

August 2006

The developer of iKan system which uses cutting-edge technology to provide an easy and convenient way to shop for groceries from home and have them delivered when you want them. The system was commercially launched in New York City metropolitan area with almost twenty retail supermarkets.

iKan Technologies contracted ITS to create the most import element of their flag ship product i.e. to populate its backend database with the details of tens of thousands of products from photographic images.

ITS developed the product entry system to enter and classify a wide assortment of grocery products. The records of grocery products were exported as XML data for populating the iKan’s database.

ITS staff had to work with the photographic images of products. Our technical staff was able to successfully overcome several technical challenges including legibility of text on the products in soft packaging.

There were several steps critical to the successful completion of this project. Data needed to be classified to the lowest level. Construction of the products database required creation of the supporting tables which fed the grocery products master database.

The first phase was to manually re-key the entire product details, such as, description, GTIN number, ingredients, nutritional facts, manufacturer’s address, band, packaging, unit of measure, allergens etc.

The next phase was to separate each an every ingredient and assign a unique code. The same was done with the manufactures, brands, nutritional facts, allergens, packaging, units of measures & container types. Having developed the lookup tables, the product descriptions were entered into the system. Each product was tied to a brand, manufacturer, assigned ingredients, allergens, nutritional facts, packaging, unit of measure etc. via the lookup tables. The classification process was particularly challenging. Some products had over 200 ingredients.

Our Success Story.....

ITS was able to successfully over come numerous challenges and completed the project within the given time-frame to the full satisfaction of the client.

The success of this project paved the way to signing up of an agreement with one of the largest online grocers in the world. ITS continues to serve this customer to date.


A UK Media giant

Servicing since 2008

One of the largest media groups in the UK required editorial services to ensure the listings going on to their premium jobsite met the minimum editorial standards.

The client needed a capacity to proofread and edit up to 1000 listings a day along with 100% quality assurance of the edited postings. In essence, the required capacity boiled down to 2000 jobs a day.

ITS put in place a team of qualified editorial staff and made the customer live ahead of schedule.

Our Success Story.....

There has not been a single day where ITS has not met is service level commitments.

Based on our unsurpassed performance, the client has expanded their business partnership with ITS into other diverse areas.